Ballykissangel Season 4 Episode 5

Donal becomes very secretive about the new woman in his life, Suzie. He’s taking time off work and it’s affecting his relationship with Liam. He has to keep her well fed or she may become violent – Suzie is a former circus bear that Donal saved from being put down.

Siobhan isn’t allowing Brendan much access to Aisling, but that changes when she is called out and leaves Brendan literally holding the baby. Suzie escapes and goes on a rampage through the village. Donal is determined she should be free, but when she is cornered in Fitzgerald’s there is a danger she will be shot. But Aidan steps in with a simple answer that saves the day – a few words of Latin!

Meanwhile, Kevin gets into trouble with his father when he helps Sean renovate an old motorbike.

Episode Title: The Odd Couple

Air Date: 1998-10-18