Ballykissangel Season 4 Episode 6

Dr Ryan’s winning streak in the local horse race is threatened by Razor, who belongs to Danny. He is betting on himself in order to raise the funds to stable Razor in Dublin. If he loses he’ll sell Razor to pay back his loans.

Brian is linking the race with a membership drive for the golf course, but his business partner has plenty of ideas about who should be eligible to join. He offers Dr Ryan life membership if he wins the race.

Orla moves into the police house and immediately finds herself in the thick of the action when a drug dealer, whom Ambrose had previously arrested, starts to take revenge. Orla takes up Padraig’s offer of a room, but it causes tensions between Padraig and Kevin.

Danny is injured before the race, so Emma rides instead. She comes in second. Sean has been looking to buy Emma a horse for her birthday and Eamonn sells him Razor.

Episode Title: Turf

Air Date: 1998-10-25