Ballykissangel Season 4 Episode 7

Brian is preparing for the pre-opening tournament at his golf course. Micky Keeler doesn’t approve of the tournament list but he eventually agrees – then tries to bribe Liam and Donal to fix the draw. But Brian is one step ahead of him: disgusted with Micky he gives free membership away without asking him.

Danny sets off to Dublin with Razor and Sean is angry when he finds out. He and Ambrose go after him while Emma builds a few bridges with Eamonn. Danny takes a tumble, Sean drops the charges and gives Razor back to him.

Niamh is worried that Orla might fancy her dad, but Orla reveals that Sean would be her man of choice.

Another one of Liam’s and Donal’s jobs for Brian goes wrong and fills the marquee with smoke. They transfer to Fitzgerald’s but Brian is annoyed to discover that Niamh and Orla have locked the pub up and gone for a night out.

Episode Title: It's a Family Affair

Air Date: 1998-11-01