Ballykissangel Season 4 Episode 9

Henry, an African Bishop who was once one of Father Mac’s curates, pays a flying visit to the town. Aidan has organised a bingo night but there is a danger that the celebrity bingo caller won’t make it, and father Mac suggests Aidan does the job. Kathleen starts coaching him. but becomes frustrated at his lacklustre style. He attempts the calling on his own, but it is a disaster and Orla steps in to save her brother from embarrassment.

Sean is aware that Emma is spending more time with Danny and he’s not too happy about it. During bad weather they are stranded on a hill by the lake. They take shelter in a cold, empty house where they spend the night, only to face Sean the next morning.

Henry has been offered a job in the Vatican, but he feels that taking it will make him look like a coward. He faces hostility from the regime and would like to be there to see it through. Father Mac persuades him that the Vatican position might be of more use to the people he serves.

Episode Title: As Stars Look Down

Air Date: 1998-11-15