Ballykissangel Season 5 Episode 3

Liam and Donal have been sent to buy washed sand for a bunker on Brian’s golf course. With fifty pounds in their pockets they reckon that sand from the beach will be just as good. While they are loading the sand onto a lorry, a car drives past at speed, stops, and the occupants push a large wooden chest into the sea. Liam and Donal open the chest and even though they’re not sure what the contents are, bring it home. They later discover that the caviar inside is worth a lot of money.

Sean and Niamh have not spoken since the funeral. Niamh talks to Father Aidan in the confessional and his advice is that she has to decide what is best for her. After much indecision, she agrees to meet Sean. She tells him that she is going to leave BallyK.

Meanwhile, Orla and Conor have their first date – if it is a date. They are both intensely competitive and they end up racing around a muddy course on Quad Bikes.

Episode Title: Catch of the Day

Air Date: 1999-10-10