Ballykissangel Season 5 Episode 7

The Headmaster’s post is soon to be vacant and Brendan is in line for the job. He withdraws his name from the list of candidates when he sees a Christian Brother is one of the candidates, and with father Mac on the Board Brendan thinks the Brother has the job in the bag. When Sean points out that the Brother will be his boss, Brendan decides that he must go for the job, After a certain amount of swatting and worrying, he is successful.

Paul is causing Oonagh problems: He decides to “”recycle”” the slops from the bar, takes in a paying guest for the night, even though there is no accommodation, and forces Orla to resign – briefly.

Emma helps Danny’s pig to give birth, and has to put up with Danny’s mother hen act in the process.

Episode Title: Brendan's Crossing

Air Date: 1999-11-07