The Chaser’s War on Everything Season 1 Episode 7

1: French Protests

Craig goes out onto the streets to see if he can French-up Australia’s protests of the new IR laws.

2: Family Contracts

In Britain, McDonald’s if offering family contracts, which means if you can’t turn up for a shift you can send one of the members of your family. But what if other types of jobs allowed this?

3: Pursuit Trivia – Malcolm Turnbull Part 1

This weeks first question: In Science and Nature, Io is a moon of which gaseous planet?

Malcolm did not guess the correct answer: Jupiter.

4: Warehouse Guy – Cinema

This week the Crazy Warehouse Guy goes to the movies!

5: Name Our Next Cyclone

Julian goes around to different top-company-heads to see if they’d like to buy the naming rights to the next cyclone.

6: ABC Promo – Director’s Cut

With director’s commentary.

7: Ad Roadtest – Napisan

How would people REALLY react if you charged into their home with a camera crew and started pouring stains all over their clothes?

8: Cracked Pepper

There’s nothing Chris hates more than those waiters who constantly interrupt meals offering cracked pepper, but how much worse would it be if they decided to spread beyond restaurants?

9: Pursuit Trivia – Malcolm Turnbull Part 2

This weeks 2nd question: Who won the 2002 Melbourne Cup?

Malcolm once again did not guess the correct answer: Media Puzzle.

10: In Other News…

IR dismissal laws; Relations with Indonesia; AWB Downer inquiry; Vega; Robert McCallum.

10: Firth in the USA

Charles tries to get into Skull & Bones, the most secret and powerful society on Earth.

11: Celebrity Solitaire

Get ready for TV’s exciting new card game: Celebrity Solitaire, this week featuring Andrew O’Keefe.

12: Statue Busking Made Easy

Simply rig yourself up an actual statue and watch the money pile up!

13: Credits Song

“They always run credits over my song…”

Episode Title: Episode 7

Air Date: 2006-03-31