The Real World Season 9 Episode 22

Jamie and the others continue to discuss David’s attitude problem. Melissa explodes on David and storms out of the room. Eventually David breaks down and tells the housemates that he is doing it all for his Mother, since she isn’t in such good of health right now. In David’s attempt at making relationships better with some of the housemates, he takes Julie to his recording studio, where she actually tries to rap with him. He also later makes an appearance at Melissa’s art opening. At a last attempt to connect with Melissa, he has a heart to hear with on the front steps of the Belfort. He tells her how proud of her he is and that he knows that she’s going to go places. They hug and make amends. Julie instigates a game of Spin the Bottle, and when the bottle that Matt spins lands on her, he won’t give her the kiss that she’s entitled to. He says that Julie cheated. But everyone else just knows that he’s scared. The housemates prepare Julie and Kelley’s room for a slumber party by pushing

Episode Title: The Never Ending Story

Air Date: 2000-11-07