The Real World Season 9 Episode 23

Before Matt leaves New Orleans for good, Julie requests a kiss. Matt actually agrees and he pecks her on the lips before speeding away in his car. While Julie’s struggle with Matt is going on, so is her struggle with her religion and her beliefs. She knows that she has learned a lot and has grown as a person. Her friend from the coffee shop, also named Matt, stops by with an article from Newsweek that is about a Mormon boy who killed himself because he was gay. After reading it and getting sick to her stomach, she realizes that this article just reaffirms her disagreement with some of her religious beliefs. Jamie narrates to his mother what everyone is going to be doing after they leave New Orleans; Kelley is staying in New Orleans with Peter, Danny is going home to his boyfriend, Melissa is moving to Los Angeles, David is going back home to his mother, Julie has another year at BYU and Matt also has another year at Georgia Tech. During the final scenes, each cast member reflects on wh

Episode Title: Leavin' Louisiana

Air Date: 2000-11-07