The Real World Season 9 Episode 3

David and Melissa form a flirtatious friendship based on similarities in race and personality. Melissa reveals to her roommates feelings of sadness and regret over the fact that her parents were not involved in her life while growing up. Julie admits to Danny that although his sexual preference doesn’t fit in with her moral standards, she still loves and accepts him as a friend. After having a bad day, Melissa goes out with the roommates and gets drunk, causing David to go home early. Meanwhile, Melissa performs a comical strip tease at a local strip club while Danny, Kelley, and Jamie laugh hysterically. David explains to Melissa that he will not be there for her if she chooses alcohol as an escape. She replies, “”Fine, then don’t talk to me for the next five months.”” After getting the silent treatment from David, Melissa tearfully begs him for forgiveness, causing him to give in and make up with her.

Episode Title: Secrets and Thighs

Air Date: 2000-06-20