The Real World Season 9 Episode 4

The cast is excited about their new job, which will involve producing a public access show for New Orleans Access Television. Melissa goes on a date with a new boy known as “”Frat Matt”” and is amazed to find out what it is like to be treated like a lady. On their first day on the job, the cast gets a scolding from their boss, Elton, for arriving late. Melissa goes on a second date with “”Frat Matt”” and feels a bit out of place with the upscale crowd he hangs out with. The cast begins training on their show, The Real Seven at 7, which will be produced by Kelley and directed by Danny. After “”Frat Matt”” makes a move on Melissa, she pushes him away because she believes that he wouldn’t be interested in her if they had met in any other situation. The cast realizes that their job, along with their new boss Elton, will not be easy to deal with.

Episode Title: Frat Matt And Work

Air Date: 2000-06-27